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Custom User Manuals

Grow your team's confidence and strengthen organisational knowledge

A BetterImpact user manual written for your team's exact needs is a perfect addition to your toolkit if you want to maximise your BetterImpact subscription.


There are so many benefits a custom manual can deliver:

Have every user, admin and volunteer, on the same page - literally!


BetterImpact is a super-flexible software package, which is both a strength and a weakness. When you need to make sure everyone is completing tasks in the right order, a written process with diagrams ensures the right instructions are always able to be followed. No accidentally deleted data or stray entries to fix.

Cover gaps in your team's knowledge

Need someone to step up to a new role? Instead of letting them find the right video tutorials and hoping for the best, you can have a directory of what tasks they need to do and how, with links to BetterImpact videos for more information. Hand-overs couldn't be easier!

Save time training new admins as part of induction

Be confident you have an up-to-date guide to use when your software 'go to' person leaves or can't help

People come and go, and as any people manager knows the trick is to get all the useful organisation information out of their head before they do! Never get stuck in this trap again - simply ensure you have a user manual that documents your organisation's work flow on hand and you can sleep easy knowing you don't have to try and learn everything from scratch if they leave unexpectedly.

Enable and encourage self-guided learning

The best part is knowing you can rely on an expert to create a comprehensive document for you in less than 10 working days, instead of finding the time to write it yourself.

What's included:

Choose your add ons:

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