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About Us

What we do

What started as a way to help alleviate tech pressure from stressed volunteer managers has evolved and grown into a business that exists to support the incredible range of heart-led work that volunteers and volunteer managers do every day.


Our services aim to compliment and support that work - by enabling volunteer managers to dedicate more time to the people and relationships that matter.

We offer plug-and-play support options as well as customised support services in a range of areas:

- BetterImpact implementation and training support

- Short-term and long-term contract volunteer management

- Mentoring and Coaching for Volunteer Managers

- Program Planning and Development Support


If you want to know more about how we can support you and your organisation, please contact us for a chat at a time that suits you.


​​​Where you can find us

We are based in Brisbane, Queensland, but you can work with us anywhere there's a decent internet connection. In fact, most of our work is done remotely.


Why choose us?


Because we see you, and we understand the crazy juggling skilled volunteer managers and organisations do every day.

We help you relieve pressure in key areas so you can focus on the people and community you serve.

Creating change is challenging, but it doesn't have to be done alone. Let us provide the support you need so you can fulfill your mission!


Hi and welcome!


Volunteer Management Services started because life presented me with a fantastic opportunity to use my experience and talents in new ways.


I have been a Library of Things co-founder (and by default, became a volunteer manager), a local government volunteer program manager working with zoo and bushcare volunteers, a life-long software enthusiast/tragic (I worked for Apple for a while) and now, a passionate supporter of volunteer managers, coordinators and volunteer-led organisations.

I love combining my enthusiasm for all these areas into the work I do.


My best day at work is always when we find solutions that work for everybody - and having fun while doing it!

If you're ready to explore new ways of doing things, please reach out for a chat and let's see if we can make some change together.


Nicole Bray

Founder & Managing Director

Connect with me here:

  • LinkedIn
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